Picture this: I’m a human resources officer in a large consumer products company, who has just narrowed my selection down to three candidates for the senior vice president of marketing position. Competition is stiff in the industry and I want to impress the applicants and hire the best one before my competitor does. These individuals–one man and two women–are flying in from out of town and I must provide corporate limo services for them. I call around and check various websites. That’s when I run across ETA Worldwide Transportation Services.

I check their fleet and find a variety of luxury vehicles, including a Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln MKT and SUV Lincoln Navigator. I choose the stretch Lincoln Navigator with its sleek design, which would even impress a political dignitary. The flexible pricing and billing enables me to book the Navigator and provide the corporate limo services I need. Our top candidate, who accepts the offer, is so impressed, she wants to know which company I used for future meetings with clients.

I’m a grateful customer of ETA Worldwide Transportation Services and plan to use and recommend them to others: managers and directors in my company, suppliers and even my corporate lawyer husband. Whether I need quiet ride to a meeting or private luxury transportation to an elegant corporate convention, I know I can trust ETA to meet my needs. Best of all, I can use their corporate limo services in New York City, Baltimore, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and other cities in between.

I like the fact that ETA is located is a family-owned business that operates out of Southern Jersey and has been in business over 15 years. I enjoy nothing but top service from the drivers and staff, and they’re always enthusiastic about my business when I book them for my transportation needs.